I am a Joomla developer and I'am attempting to develop a component(in J!1.5) that utilizes urlparam for creating custom menu links within the admin.

I would like my aspect of work such as the built-in polls ingredient that enables customers to choose the id of the item during my component.

I attempted the xml apply for the component but that does not work. However I know it is possible, Community Builder has the capacity to utilize it.

Because the Joomla documentation is missing if this involves this feature. Can someone be so kind to provide me some understanding of using implement this during my own components?

EDIT: To explain: I wish to understand how to create a port in com_menus using the title "urlparam". From the understanding JParameter(the constituents xml file) can't do that.

EDIT2: I'll keep your above for histical reasons but to farther clarify I'd like a method to connect to an interior page of the custom component from the menu without needing to make use of a exterior url.


"urlparam" Would you mean the parameters passed within the URL or perhaps is that the specific function title?

The best way to retrieve HTTP url encoded parameters in Joomla is by using the course Request.


JRequest::getVar('name', 'default value');

That retrieves the parameter $_REQUEST['name'] or even the 'default value' if it doesn't exist or examines to FALSE.

You will find numerous useful techniques of Request that passes the worthiness through filters for you personally, like JRequest::getCmd(), JRequest::getInt() etc.

If you are speaking about JParameter, the default class to handle designs presented within the INI or XML files, you will find the API paperwork useful.


However, in actual use within components, you need to retrieve parameters from JFactory::getConfig() for global parameters, or component parameters:

$config =& JComponentHelper::getParams( 'com_name' ); // where com_name is the component name

The API wiki also needs to help:


JRequest::getVar('name', 'default value');

Also check http://docs.joomla.org/Framework

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Why exactly can't you simply you simply make use of an Exterior Link menu type?

This is exactly what I actually do. Just provide a family member link instead of a complete one:


Most probably this is not different from creating a URL to carry out a command within your component.