I've got a c# window form application (that is essentially a game title).

As well as an ASP.Internet Website. your window form application includes a database having a table that consists of the username and the cash. The asp.internet database includes a table that consists of the username and the cash.

Now I wish to sync between towards the two servers. After I get reason for my game, It'll also update the database from the asp.internet site.

You can expose an internet service endpoint within the web application that the Home windows application can call to publish up-to-date user stats.

Likewise an internet service could return up-to-date stats towards the Home windows client for synchronization in to the Home windows application database.

As Uwe Keim mentions, the net application are only able to expose something or data feed the Home windows client must poll regularly. There's no achievable method in which the net application can call the Home windows application directly.

Why don't you host the database on a single location and let the overall game/website connect with your DB via a web service? By doing this you simply need one database with the relevant data in comparison to 2. You will need to recode certain parts of the website and game but over time this really is more optimal than two databases with similar data.

More details regarding web services are available here.

You are able to develop some type of an API (Service) within the web application and perform the sync between your two applications. You're speaking about two servers in the finish of the publish. What type of servers are you currently speaking about? Is the overall game obtainable in stand alone also? Otherwise, can't you think about getting just one DB for each of them?