I am a newbie.. So, please forgive me whether it's an easy question :)

I am creating a system to obtain some specific data and store it to some database using C#. I've almost finished the machine.

I am utilizing a MySql database running in your area on my small machine. I want this database to become utilized remotely to ensure that my employer can observe the information. He explained to produce a phpMyAdmin interface for that database, however i do not have knowledge about this.

I want the reply to be free, please.

Thanks ahead of time.

phpMyAdmin is free of charge. You just need to download and do the installation around the machine with MySql. Additionally, you will require a WAMP stack (PHP web server hosting, like the free WampServer package) to complete the phpMyAdmin website, and open the ports inside your router to permit viewing the web page remotely. Also there can be configuration configurations in phpMyAdmin to permit remote access, but each one of these everything has been done many occasions before and you ought to have the ability to find plenty of help by searching.