I've three Custom Publish Types in Wordpress: artists, authors, tales

Can you really "link" the posts? For instance, if your story is compiled by a author and highlighted by an artist, I must show within the story page an image from the author (from the writer's page) along with other tales highlighted through the artist.

Make use of the Posts 2 Posts Plugin

It offers a superior the opportunity to make associations between publish types. I made use of it to link Clients to Projects also it labored like no bodies business.

P.S.: The solution given earlier is going to be required to, you will have to make templates to show all of this.

You most likely desire a custom single page template.

Adding a brand new template for individuals publish types is simple. You can include a brand new template for every publish type, like "single-artist.php" that you come up with the page to show the artist info. Around the "single-story.php" you are able to push the button to ensure that the right links are added where necessary.