Basically create some helpful services like some dynamic free photos or some helpful java scripts, for instance http://world wide

after which other websites make use of this image or script within their web pages... dose it count for link recognition for me personally (inbound link) and will it increase my website ranks from google perspective?

Like Emiswelt stated, nobody knows Google's secret calculations, request a Search engine optimization.

However, most conventional spiders only follow anchor tag hrefs.

Should you look for on the internet, you won't have any image results and just actual pages are proven. Images and javascripts cannot have outgoing links, and therefore pagerank is most likely not relevant for them.

As others have stated, the particular product is key, but virtually all of the search suppliers support stuff that help describe images better, particularly RDF (Resource Description Framework). It's probablly your best choice at supplying details about your images within the most helpful method in which will hopefully provide them with a suitable page ranking.

The PageRank value reflects the significance of certain webpages an not what whole site.

Nobody knows it exactly, google's calculations really are a large secret...

It most likely doesn't boots your page ranking (I sincerely hope not!), but there's not a way to understand without a doubt. Besides, whether it boost it today, there is no guarantee it'll still boosts it tomorrow.

If you're think about doing clever things just as well your site's ranking, I'd reconsider. If you're too blatant about this and Google catches you, your website could easily get zero rated. So that as a person of Google, I believe that's a positive thing.

I do not think so becasue it is on the different site... but you never know with all of these special reasons for HTML... I wouldn't think so!! I'm very good at HTML and Websites but this can be a tough question... most likely not! :) Hope I assisted!