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SITUATION You allow your technically correct, canonical domain Hyperlink to a customer who'll use it the website. Days pass plus they forget just what you instructed them that the canonical/prefered domain was. Ever thought about concerning the practical &lifier technical implications? And thus, they choose themselves either from the below domain names to list out the url on the blog/news/company site:


A <a href="world wide">...</a>

B <a href="">...</a>

C <a href="http://world wide">...</a>

GIVEN I know How you can setup redirect via Apache to 301 all non-preferred ones towards the preferred one, in addition to how you can set the preference in the search engines webmastertools and so forth.


  • Technically, can there be any speed difference between how quickly A, B or C domain names will load, given proper setup and presuming others redirect 301 towards the preferred one?

  • Any DNS solving time bonuses on speed when setting because of either of above web addresses?


  • Which from the three will probably be released by nerds, developers and techies? And which apt to be released by non-geek non-developers blog/news/companies?

  • Could it be more ideally when they choose your chosen domain as URL along with the anchor-text e.g. <a href="X">X</a> rather than <a href="X">Y</a> or does not this matter whatsoever?

  • So why do all major sites use world wide web. when google clearly states it does not matter that you simply you're considering, as lengthy while you choose and stay with it. Still not say its strange that Google among just about all top ranking websites, make use of the world wide web rather than non-world wide web?

  • like a programmer, which of those domain names A, B or C shall I select to propagate consistenly during my site in addition to tell others is my preference?

DNS smart there's no difference, a glance up is really a lookup.

When it comes to speed, generally again nothing should create a differnce (if for instance you specify the virtual host options within the ServerName. After this you dont have to do redirections) You can see some difficulties with snacks when the pages change domain names by incorrect links.