I've got a contact page on-site which accustomed to work, consider last couple of several weeks has eliminate correctly. This might have been because of some coding error which i can't determine. Ultimately which i get the messages sent, but they're completely blank, without any contents whatsoever. What is the issues?

I am affixing first the leading-finish page, and so the back-finish.

Sample of contact.php the leading-finish code:-

<div id="content">

     <h2 class="newitemsxl">Contact Us</h2>

<div id="contactcontent">

        <form method="publish" action="contactus.php">

Title:<br />

<input type="text" title="Title" /><br />

Email:<br />

<input type="text" title="replyemail" /><br />

Your message:<br />

<textarea title="comments" cols="40" rows="4"></textarea><br /><br />

<?php require("ClassMathGuard.php") MathGuard::insertQuestion() ?><br />

  <input type="submit" title="submit" value="Send" />

* Refresh browser for any different question. :-)




Sample of contactus.php (after sales code):-


/* first we have to require our MathGuard class */

require ("ClassMathGuard.php")

/* this problem inspections the consumer input. Don't alter the condition, only the body inside the curly braces */

if (MathGuard :: checkResult($_REQUEST['mathguard_answer'], $_REQUEST['mathguard_code'])) you are message continues to be sent !") //place your code that'll be performed when user makes its way into the right answer

 else place your code which informs the consumer he's bombarding your site

while (list($key,$val)=each($HTTP_Publish_VARS))

while (list($key,$val)=each($HTTP_GET_VARS))

if ($pcount > $gcount)



is it feasible that the php version has transformed? In php5 the HTTP_Publish_VARS array is no more available.

You can test the next the get a values before you begin your while loop:

$HTTP_Publish_VARS   = !empty($HTTP_Publish_VARS)   ? $HTTP_Publish_VARS   : $_Publish

Most likely there is a PHP replace on the server and $HTTP_Publish_VARS continues to be deprecated. Use $_Publish and $_GET for individuals.

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Hopefully this can help people.