I wish to develop a simple contact page, without plug ins, using blogging platforms while using build in wp_mail function. Standard fields, email subject and message.

The next features are needed:

  • Ajax Submit (nice to possess) (I personally use the jQuery framework)
  • If Ajax submit, a non javascript fallback.
  • I'll validate the shape client side, but would like to understand the very best method of doing server side validation, and pass the content back, inside the context of Wordpress.

What's the best practice to do this? Any pointers or lessons. I discovered this question of note.

Should you thinking I am just reinventing the wheel tell me. I normally use Contact Page 7 (wordpress plugin) but am bored of their heavy html markup and exactly how it loads JS on everypage.


Contact Page 7 is written perfectly, and ripping apart the heart of this code is a superb starting point for pointers and concepts.

More often than not you can just strip the core functionality there, and merely produce a more lightweight front-end to meet your requirements.