I plan to produce a community website targeted at posting ASP.Internet articles, blogs, forums and video lessons.

I'm thinking about DNN and MojoPortal. A number of my needs are:

  1. An editor that allows me publish code effortlessly
  2. Free ideally designed in C#
  3. Simple to export content if there's a necessity to change Content management systems
  4. A way of easily posting video articles

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Also, in america, what webhost can you recommend to host this website? Hopefully, it will not require me to pay a lot of money to keep it. Must I consider DotNetNuke as some hosting companies have DNN installed automatically?


Disclaimer: the following couple of sentences are 100% personal opinion, but I wish to offer it unfiltered to assist communicate how strongly Personally i think it. Also, my opinions are based entirely about the condition from the product lately 2007. Whether it has gone through a simple architectural redesign since that time, it isn't really valid:

DotNetNuke may be the worst ASP.Internet-based product to ever hit the in a major way. I do not realise why it is so popular and that i hate it, and that i could write many more pages explaining why, however i will not here because DNN is really well-known that individuals fall under two camps:

1) You already privately accept me but they are too nice to express it aloud, or else you suspected it had been true but needed some confirmation.

2) You like DNN and we'll never agree with this, no matter how well-written our reasons are (not too mine would always be too-written as yours).

Both of them are equally valid so there is no reason to argue, we are able to all go our separate ways and become happy. But when you need to do fall under camping #1, now realize that you are not by yourself :)

That getting been stated, Graffiti, Umbraco and N2 are small-scale Content management systems items which i do like. Graffiti will work for especially small sites that contain your blog-like IA. Umbraco and N2 appear to dedicate yourself hierarchical sites which are just a little bigger in scale.

So far as hosting, the very best experience I have had to date for ASP.Internet hosting that is shared is Very Tech.

I suggest N2.

It's opensource, free, designed in C#, has plug-in support and it is very extensible on every level.

Haven't utilize it, but Cuyahoga is going to be my next Content management systems.

I am presently using Graffiti Content management systems and extremely enjoy it, but would rather use something that's free.