There isn't really anything on my small planned site that will require a great deal of personalization but I am searching for something which has built-in functionality for forums, comments, reviews, your blog, a database that may queried by customers, plus some social media features.

I've got a decent quantity of experience using python so I believed of utilizing Django as well as learning it along the way. I recognize though that this is for a longer period consuming than utilizing a Content management systems.

So, a part of me is inclined to utilize a PHP based Content management systems like worpress or drupal. I haven't any prior knowledge about PHP consider full functionalities I am searching for are built-in, do you consider this is my quickest path to get ready to go?

Get one of the numerous Content management systems projects in Django, like Mezzanine or Pinax, or Django content management systems or any one of numerous others see for any more complete group of references or discussions. You'll be way more happy as well as in something that may be easier scaly and modified to become what you want. There's a Django based Stack-overflow clone that you could get and integrate if you want.

Make use of a Content management systems, Drupal is extremely flexible and you will install another content management systems like vanilla for that forums options having a wordpress plugin. It's al you'll need. But when you'll need a full charge of your website, make use of a framwork like Django and also you get all. Remenber, the Content management systems may be the quickest method to develop a site. Sorry for my british mistakes.

You will find multiple forum and CMS projects built on Django. Knowing Python already, give Django a go, there's a wealth of tools and add-ons available for this. From the go through it does not possess a large learning curve whatsoever, particularly if you know Python.

Pinax is simply extra time off django (not just a Content management systems, although you will get extra time known as django-content management systems). Pinax is certainly what you want. Use their social media build (the conventional option), after which just hack away any unnecessary features (map, etc.) Very fast and simple. CMSes (you mean tools like Plone, right?) have wayyy an excessive amount of overhead for what you're attempting to do.

Personally, I usually use Drupal (version 6 that's). It offers the needed modules for forums and comments, along with other ones you may want obtainable from

Drupal or Joomla are the best choice. First of all, Joomla enables you to definitely essentially stop by these functions you are requesting within an install an go manner. This is actually the simplest approach to take.

Now if you prefer a Numerous personalization and do not mind engaging in just a little code then drupal is going to be perfect.The truly amazing factor would be that the personalization options are limitless! Unhealthy factor is the fact that Drupal includes a Infamously crazy templating system. You can understand but even simple things may become a genuine discomfort. But Like joomla you are able to avoid all of this with install and go plug ins. you will have the option.

I'm not sure an excessive amount of about wordpress, but getting checked out the developer API, it appears to visualize volumes by what you want to develop surface of it. Which causes it to be much less flexible than drupal and django.

Django, well based on your question... it's everything you wouldn't want. Also for those who have attended the Django Content management systems sites you will see how painful it is to buy them ready to go. Nevertheless I am personally a Django fanatic but I'd rather you dint encounter a poor knowledge about it and also have a horrible impression from it. so given your question i'd say Drupal!