I develop a simple client site in Joomla last summer time.


Somewhere across the line, following the site have been completed, this content stopped turning up within the modules. The menus do not show up, the polls modules does not appear, nothing. The funny factor would be that the titles from the modules show, although not this content.

I've looked for some time now, looking for a solution apart from a brand new re-install of Joomla, so any ideas or advice could be really appreciated!

My ideas:

  1. The database might have been corrupted.
  2. There might have been a car-update through the host (GoDaddy) that triggered the break (highly unlikely)
  3. There might have been a general change in the server that's leading to the problem

You didn't install or change anything in the meantime?

More information in your setup could be useful. Have you install and/or use non-default extensions? Components, modules, plug ins? Maybe godaddy provide non-joomla-defaults automatically? You labeled this with joomla-extensions, but didn't provide ANY information on your setup.

Sign in your admin section inside your modules section the modules, might which of them are active, and what configurations they will use (e.g. the things they shall show). Make sure that the items shown on your sites would be the modules you anticipate, and never a part of your theme. Maybe the modules aren't proven whatsoever.

While you recommended your DB function as the problem, connect with it and appearance the tables. MySQL can check its db itself. Consider using a mysqldump and appearance your computer data can there be.

You might try setting up a xamp by yourself pc, and moving the web site there to ascertain if its something related to your host.