I'm a new comer to Android development and having fun with content companies and content experts. However am getting trouble finding good examples online. I've been playing and reading through relating to this but have grown to be stuck. Here's what I'm attempting to do:

I've produced a little content provider (which i have confirmed is working and placing/removing data inside a db on the telephone). We'll refer to this as A.apk. Now I wish to produce a B.apk that'll be informed with any updates completed to the db. Therefore if new submissions are produced B displays it and when submissions are remove it will likely be taken off B's view.

I'm stuck and would like to observe how this is accomplished properly using guidelines. A good example could be much appreciated! Thanks ahead of time.

i cant think about a much better tutorial then your one on googles site http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/providers/content-providers.html