I am a new comer to creating html pages etc - but am using Versus 2008 only for the editing/intellisense abilities.

My issue is I've got a pure HTML only website (no ASP.Internet) and also have a fairly extensive header that needs to be utilized in each and every page. It's frustrating to alter the header areas of the HTML across all pages each and every time that it alterations in one. Can there be someway I'm able to kind of 'include' the header part HTML in other HTML pages without needing to by hand cut-paste all-over?

Please be aware - I am not using ASP.Internet, and so i CANNOT and won't have the ability to use Master Pages. Can there be another way is what I wish to know - to ensure that after i alter the header template in 1 place, it will get reflected in most other. I figured of inline frames, although not confident that this is a crappy method of doing that and when it affects Search engine optimization

Have a look at Server Side Includes

They'll permit you to edit your header within the one file, that will appear instantly on all pages which include the header file.

Yes, have a look at SSI. Server side includes really are a simple method to inform your web server to place something more important at various points inside your HTML page.


    <!--#include FILE="head.html" -->   


If server side includes are not appearing to operate not surprisingly, try renaming the page having a .shtml file extension.

Some web servers require that you simply title your file ".shtml" instead of ".html" to be able to let the parsing of the file.