I've essentially three conditions which i use to operate on my small primary site. I've my local one on my small computer and also the development and live ones on my small web server. I developed the website using Wordpress around the local atmosphere and wish to keep everything current via svn.

An amount be the easiest method to do that since i have need three installs of Wordpress on each atmosphere? Since all of the files will be the identical in the repository on the 3 conditions, how do you handle the various Wordpress configurations and designs? It is possible to method to copy the Wordpress database in the close to another two making some small changes to repair Web addresses along with other variations because of the various domain names?

Sorry if this sounds like unclear, I'll clarify after i acquire some reactions.

Could it be only the files you need to keep or even the data, as with the blogs and comments?

If you wish to keep your actual content, you must also do livesite database backup copies. Otherwise monitoring wordpress files is fairly simple. You need to simply backup the files from the styles you've added or edited and also the configuration file, which Wordpress supplies a copy anyway.

Usually, (if you are a great developer) the Web addresses aren't hard-coded in a plug ins or styles, and all sorts of that is dependent around the root URL can be simply transformed like:

update wordpress_options set option_value='http://live.wordpress.com/' where option_title in ('siteurl', 'home')

The tricky factor is upgrading content, that may contain domain specific stuff (like should you copy-paste addresses for links from address bar etc). However the answer is fairly simple - feel the dump and replace "http://dev.wordpress.com' with "http://live.wordpress.com". So moving the database isn't so complex task because it appears )