I wish to range from MySQL to PostgreSQL, this isn't an active site up to now, likely to launch soon and also the schema is ready in MySQL but because of the business design I would like a much better scalable DB, to convert MySQL to PostgreSQL, should i get it done by hand table by table or are you will find GUI tools I'm able to use (or scripts) to automate this conversion for tables/file values?

My application is designed in codeingiter PHP.

  1. To be sure with Pekka: if you are likely to launch soon, the final factor for you to do is switch database systems.
  2. If you are lucky and you are in a position to export compliant SQL out of your current database, Postgre will comprehend it and virtually no extra effort is required. SQL could be released to recreate both structure of the database and also the content of their tables.

This had been requested: Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL. Hope, it'll assist you to.

MySQL is really a highly scalable database utilized by a few of the biggest and many active sites around the interwebs. I'd possess some great testing benchmarks showing Postgres will provide you with a big benefit before transitioning.