I produce a report in doc format using Jasper, Jasper uses JRRTFExporter to create doc reviews, but wen i attempt and compare doc reviews using POI it throws exception stating some header issues. Can there be in whatever way to transform rtf to doc in jasper or any API open to convert rtf to doc? Help!

You will find some projects with handling rtf files, but all are third-party, so - not reliable, especially because rtf isn't open format. Most dependable solution is by using word automation. Script making word to spread out rtf file and save it as being .doc file will contain tree strings of code in almost any language and can be simply researched :)

You could utilize Docmosis to get this done if you would like, or even the OpenOffice UNO API directly since you do not need every other options that come with Docmosis. If it's a choice, using Docmosis to create the doc on your own provides you with less overhead, but you need to put on the price of moving.

Load the RTF in Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word application utilizing a Document object. After reading through in the RTF it can save you the loaded document object like a Word format (*.doc). I suppose this is often a solution. Used to do this using c# .Internet 3.5