I've been requested to transform a whole site that's presently using wordpress to Plone 4.1. I've no training using Plone and I'm wondering if anybody has attempted this before? I'd a glance and should not find many details about transforming to Plone and I'm wondering if anybody had run into good quality advice? This may appear just like a rather large task...

Thanks, Fraser

Yes, someone already carried out that migration:


Because the author states, another method of this it's :


Adam Terry is going to be giving a talk on the easy way of converting sites such as this by 50 percent days in the Plone Conference in Bay Area. I would suggest attending (for a lot of reasons, not only that talk). Failing that, rapid review of the talk is 2 tools.

Diazo (or now known as plone.app.theming) - Makes replicating a current theme much simpler.


Funnelweb (which does all of the collective.transmogrifier stuff for you personally) - Makes coverting all of the content simpler.

Note: it is really an method for any web site, not only wordpress. It depends on webcrawling a website. A strategy which directly reads the database, for those who have access, may be simpler and cleaner.

This can be a massive task, simple enough, but time intensive. Its not just a question that may be clarified on stackoverflow, however i can point you within the right direction of some decent doco.

This is a good starting point - http://noenieto.com/blog/theming-plone-4

Beware, Plones theming engine is extremely dissimilar to anything you'll have experienced before. Basically was you I'd first of all produce a static template of the theme and develop that. I've been developing plone skins for five+ years, and that i begin having a static theme.

Many plone designers are utilizing Diazo / Deliverance to build up plone styles, maybe have a look at individuals too...

Best of luck, im afraid you are have to it!