iv been following tuts on learnvisualstudio.internet and im confused regarding how you receive a dataset from the database. can there be someway to "convert" a database right into a dataset which makes it simpler to gain access to? (instead of using ADO.Internet 2.)

Thanks ahead of time.


let alone its great now :D

You might be mentioning to ORM's. They are able to derive domain entity models out of your database, with because of Linq (among other activities) after that you can get easier use of your datasource, beit a database, Feed, XML document, etc.

I'd recommend considering among the following (both Microsoft tecnologies, but bear in mind you will find many excellent - and free - options available):

Linq To Sql:

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Entity Framework 4:

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

If you're not interesting in leaning ORM's yet, then possibly you're mentioning to Typed Datasets? - As suggested by @Henk Holterman

Yes there's a method to "import" your database schema for your application.

It's known as strong typed Dataset, that will contain datatables with similar datatypes as the database. (for instance: dtCustomerRow).

After posting your Database Schema to some typed Dataset you'll have to use so known as "TableAdapters" to load the information.

Warning: This method is handy, but additionally bad on performance.

Tutorial (is perfect for asp.internet, but additionally works best for win forms):