I wish to export the information in csv format with respect to the filteration. I've got 2 textboxes of jquery datepicker that the consumer can set date format after which use export button to export data between individuals days, Can you really achieve something of that nature.I'm using asp.internet 4 &lifier ms sql2008. Any suggestions or assistance is going to be highly appreciated.


  • You have to pass the information in the client towards the server.
  • You will want to parse the inputs up to now structures
  • You will want to craft a SQL query or use Entity Framework or Saved Proc or such
  • You will want to complete the query around the database
  • After this you have to loop within the came back data set and make up a CSV format
  • After this you have to set the Response headers to see the customer that you're coming back personal files (CSV)
  • After this you have to write the information towards the response stream
  • Flush the response stream
  • Close the Response object

It is not trivial.