Personally i think sorry, if the publish is not related here. If you think this publish is useless act based on your wish

My real question is let us save the site visitors(customers) cookie information in DB instead of setting personal files on user's machine.Yeah, I understand I would seem silly for following reasons

1) Maintaining DB for every user for each small chunks of information

2) It may be hard to retrieve data, when database server is down

2) Continuous Demands should be designed to web server for every single small info..

My point is, If we will keep user's data in DB instead of file on clients machine,

we are able to Provide security towards the client by not making other organization (or) other sites (as well as cyber-terrorist) access anyone's info in the cookies.

More over we are able to track the consumer activities or behavior ( I am talking about, we really have no idea exactly what the user does [client side activity] like data Tampering )

If you think that it may be hard to send demands to web server continuously, Because of Ajax , It gives some support to my question, Delivering demands to web server made so simple using Ajax

So, Could it be wise decision to keep anyone's sensitive information in DataBase instead of setting a little File on user's machine ??

Thanks you !!

PS : Here I wish to be specific, I am not speaking about session !

Sensitive information should not maintain a cookie, I'll accept you there. It ought to be saved somewhere server-side, in both a set file around the server itself, or perhaps in a database.

That which you do need around the client machine is a small cookie that contains some obscure, hard-to-guess mention of the this sensitive data.

Congratulations! You've just reinvented periods!

(Webservers could be established to store session data inside a database rather than in flat files around the server should you prefer it this way.)

Generally we use snacks because we are not always setting any sensitive data inside them. In case your application does has sensitive data you don't want anybody fiddling with then go ahead and use every server-side and DB tool available to resolve that, although not all programs and implementations need that much cla of peace of mind in these respects. Setting snacks is perfect for convenience, that's all.

Your approach is certainly valid but has one fundamental problem (that is most likely the reason behind why snacks were produced to begin with): identification.

How will you identify user A versus. user B without requesting a username/password? Snacks provide a good way to create this differentiation. When the user is recognized, your points become completely valid.

Generally, sensitive details are not intended to be saved in snacks. Similarly info is better saved around the server side (while you indicated).

This is accomplished already, or we'd be storing user names, addresses, and charge card information inside a cookie instead of around the database. You need to evaluate why is sense to help keep within the database versus. why is sense to keep like a cookie. Server performance, bandwidth, scalability - many of these need to be stored in your mind. Keep in mind that the greater we store server side, the greater we'll need to deliver client-side.

Additionally you mention periods - periods are snacks (kinda).