I've one dome title. world wide web.abc.com

and i wish to speedup all images an d static content from snacks domain.

things i require related to that?

i wish to create new sub domain with title static.abc.com but that point also cookie coming with both domain.

i'm user dotnet panel for hosting.

technology is .internet

Whenever you produce a cookie, set it's Domain property to ".abc.com", this way the cookie is going to be shared by both world wide web.abc.com and static.abc.com subdomains.

You will find two ways to do this. You can set the cookie for FQDN (fully-qualified domain title) of world wide web.abc.com, but this could restrict the snacks to just world wide web.abc.com. This might be more stringent than you would like.

The greater common solution it to join up a totally separate domain for cookieless hosting. This really is used by lots of websites already.

  • Google uses gstatic.com
  • Facebook uses twimg.com (I believe)
  • Yahoo uses yimg.com (I believe)
  • EBay uses ebaystatic.com
  • etc.