I am creating a small MVC framework for learning/experimentation and small project reasons. I desired to discover the fundamentals from the internals from the Model since a complete MVC framework and ORM is overkill just for a couple of database calls.

Class Model

Utilizing an empty class where would I must call a new PDO object for database calls?

An amount calling a question seem like within the Model?

Furthermore, how can i look for a beginner's web/book resource to MVC (with a lot of example code)? I have heard lots of terms for example business logic and database logic. I recall reading through somewhere that you ought to separate business logic and database logic. I'm able to comprehend the concept somewhat, I simply question what it really appears like or the things they mean in code itself. I am confused how business logic and database logic ought to be separated but nonetheless be within the Model.

I am mostly searching for code/logic good examples as solutions, except maybe the second paragraph.