I began exploring CouchDB and i'm thinking about following:

  1. Can there be or maybe there is a Home windows install?
  2. If there's, it is possible to hosting that is shared provider that provides CouchDB?
  3. Being unsure of much about this, will it be in some way baked into my application or bin used (don't laugh).


Check for the most recent Window contractors for CouchDB. This can be a simple double click operation. Following the double click installer you have access to futon at http://localhost:5984/_utils

If you want to restart couch then that can be done in the Home windows Services "Apache CouchDB"

During the time of this publish 1..1 may be the preferred version. Avoid using 1.. as there's an issue with that version generally as noted here.. http://couchdb.apache.org/downloads.html

Also take a look at LoveSeat - B .Internet/C# Library I authored for implementing CouchDB. https://github.com/soitgoes/LoveSeat/

  1. So far as I am aware you will find two reliable sources:
    • the CouchDB Wiki (that is stored as up-to-date as you possibly can)
    • CouchBase (formerly CouchOne, that was formerly Couch.io) who offer their very own home windows build with all of dependencies incorporated.
  2. Someone requested this elsewhere at stackoverflow. Right now Cloudant and Couch.io CouchOne Iris Couch would be the only two companies offering CouchDb hosting. (You could also want to consider the main difference between both sides.)
  3. Someone requested this elsewhere on stackoverflow too, however the solutions mostly suggest options, so I am speculating there isn't really been any headway here yet.

Hope this can help.

There is a Home windows version now, on CouchIO (http://world wide web.couch.io/get) blog.

  1. Download &lifier Unzip
  2. Double-Click bincouchdb
  3. Relax!
  4. Visit http://127...1:5984/_utils

The Frequently asked questions on CouchDB Wiki has got the following statement:

"Home windows isn't formally supported however it should work, please tell us.Inch

Simply to be obvious, this isn't an assertion that CouchDB "does not work on all" on Home windows. I'm basically mentioning that - in the current time - it remains unsupported.