I'm creating my namespace so that the id i'm storing within the DB is

id -> "e:t:222"

where "e" signifies the big event class, "t" signifies the kind

i'm also looking to make use of this id during my web addresses

url -> /events/t:222

Can there be anything wrong with carrying this out?

Can there be anything wrong with carrying this out?

Yes: The colon is really a reserved character in Web addresses which has a special meaning, namely indicating the server port, inside a URL.

Utilizing it elsewhere within the URL is an awful idea.

You should URLEncode the colon to be able to utilize it.

There's no problem with carrying this out, you'll must scribe the URL correctly. Most libraries with do that instantly for you personally.

Generally though, should you worry about your computer data you should not allow the application drive the information or database design. Exceptions for this are application centric databases which have no existence outdoors of merely one application nor would you be prepared to make use of the data elsewhere. Within this situation, you might want to stick to schemas and idioms that actually work best together with your application.