In PHP, you'll be able to do such things as $results = mysql_query("select ....");

(observe how no link identifier was provided).

The only real factor that needs is the fact that a mysql_connect() function continues to be known as before, effectively.

Now I am inclined to alway give a link identifier however i don't fully realize why.

Is asking queries with no link identifier any less secure compared to other (supplying the hyperlink identifier in every query)?

The hyperlink identifier is required if you have a credit card applicatoin that must connect with several database server within the same request/transaction.

It's wise for doing things even when you simply have one database. "Explicit is much better.Inch Oh wait, that's Python.

No, it's not any less safe.

However, using mysql_*() functions are less safe than PDO because they do not have parameter binding automatically.

Should you switcht to PDO and employ bindParam(), then its safer than mysql_*().

When the system won't ever connect with multiple databases, you will find no effects used. I am sure you will find some theoretically, which I'll be informed of via flaming comments very quickly!