I am using a programmer who does not want me touching his database...

I'd like make use of a database rather than hard coding my content try not to want the websites performance to suffer.

Could it be bad practice to question two different databases on a single page?

If it is no problem it is possible to limit to the number of databases you are able to query per page?

PS the website is php/mysql

me touching his database

That's most likely because there's a layered architecture in position and you are not said to be speaking towards the database directly.

Otherwise, if you have come already towards the division - "my" database, "his" markup, it is a occur.

Could it be bad practice to question two different databases on a single page?

No, if there's a genuine have to do it. Yes, if perhaps because somebody declared the database their home plus you've got to possess your personal.

No its no problem, in certain situations it's even an excellent approach.

It is dependent on when the databases are holding related data. If they're related, it seems sensible to ensure that they're in once database. The programmer could then provide you with a user account with limited access to ensure that you cannot corrupt other activities.

There's some cost to creating a brand new connection, but it'll be minimal if you're doing numerous queries.

Can you've got a separate schema in the DB? If that's the case, then you may avoid wasting connection building /destruction time.

Are you storing data/relational data within the DB? Otherwise, are you able to pull off include("file.php")

Everything being stated it's not necessarily a bad practice to possess multiple DBs on the page you simply need a very good reason to get it done.

i routinely hit a estimate database along with a reference database also known as customer reside in texas, nearest office is 150 miles away.