I have been trying to puzzle out the proper way to organize the dozen approximately websites I've on the hosting that is shared service.

Recently I have been convinced that it's safer/simpler to possess separate makes up about each site which i have, however I have lost a few of the capability to share files, programs and more. It appears nice to possess a partitioning of websites, but Im curious in regards to what more knowledgeable people would have to say is a much better method for this...


It is best to have separate accounts, it's better for system security.

A little guide on fundamental hosting that is shared security is here now: http://webhostinggeeks.com/blog/2010/02/25/an-introduction-to-linux-web-hosting-%E2%80%93-linux-versus-home windows-web-hosting/

The safety of separation is dependent the way the Web server is setup. Different designs will seriously weaken the safety from the system, yet it's still helpful to split up sites for hygiene and security.