I've got a blog, and I've been thinking about posting a sitemap for this, which may range from the index page, archives page, as well as an entry for everybody blog publish. Is ever an awful idea? Could it be a good (or helpful) idea? I am particularly thinking about the <changefreq> element: I edit posts every once in awhile, even though that isn't a typical occurrence, I'd rather not set an especially infrequent change frequency that prevents search engines like google like Google from indexing the edits. (The sitemaps protocol states that search engines like google can always crawl the web pages more often, but doesn't have further particulars around the matter.)

It's more often than not wise decision to write an XML sitemap.

You are able to omit the changeFreq element and accept the default in case your website hosting are designed for an acceptable crawl rate in the search engines like google. If you are already being indexed, you ought to have observed any problems right now.

Add your sitemap to Google website owner tools and you will have the ability to look for any crawl problems, unreachable pages, 404s etc. Very helpful.

The only real reasons I'm able to think about because of not adding an XML sitemap are in case your site consists of lots of duplicate content, damaged links, empty or compromised pages. Fix individuals issues first, then submit a sitemap.

I've internet sites with sitemap and sites without sitemap. I can not use whatever real difference in Search engine optimization. Google appears to determine the perfect frequency individually of changeFreq so it's almost of no importance. There's a establishing google website owner tools for crawler visits around the entire site. After I use sitemap (Wordpress Wordpress plugin) i personally use default configurations for changeFreq which are: daily - for web site and blogs. weekly - for groups, static pages. always - for primary page.

I personally use XML sitemaps on all my blogs. If you work with Wordpress this plug-in does everything for you personally: http://wordpress.org/extend/plug ins/google-sitemap-generator/

It'll generate new sitemaps each time you publish or update a publish.