Wouldn't it generally be faster to see from the table where you will find no varchar or any other variable length data saved? In MySQL, this really is faster since it can calculate wherever a row is going to be saved around the disk.

This isn't significant poor SQLite because it supports merely a single TEXT area type. The excellence of "fixed-width" versus. "variable-length" does not exist here.

While SQLite enables you to define a area as getting a particular type, all of this does is (for the most part) set that field's preference for that type to make use of when storing ambiguous data (e.g., whether "3" is going to be saved as INTEGER, REAL, or TEXT). You are able to still store any type of data in almost any SQLite area no matter its type.

Particularly relevant to CHAR versus. VARCHAR, http://www.sqlite.org/datatype3.html informs us:

When the declared kind of the column consists of the strings "CHAR", "CLOB", or "TEXT" then that column has TEXT affinity. Observe that the kind VARCHAR consists of the string "CHAR" and is thus designated TEXT affinity.