Could it be an undesirable design option to hold all my content within one page of JavaScript/HTML/CSS code? In other words, I'd have navigation buttons that will simply show/hide relevant facets of the web site.

I understand this can be website dependent, but this can be a relative website/web application so hopefully the solutions will generalize.

It is dependent on how big your page. Bear in mind that the information must be transfered within the wire. In case your page is extremely large, then yes it's a bad idea since the loading time could be very bad. Remember individuals with slow web connection and mobile products.

Please provide more details.

its a poor design, you ought to have seperated css js and html files. also each page must have its very own html file while common components like headerfooter could be incorporated all htmls.

It isn't really the solution that you are searching for, however it is dependent on which you are attempting to do. For those who have a tiny bit of content that's being hidden and proven based on anyone's actions, then loading it all at one time might be what you want.

However, if you are attempting to show and hide enough detailed information online that may be interactive and also have a large amount of additional data connected by using it (like large drop-lower lists or dynamic data), you might want to load individuals areas of the applying when needed, to ensure that your initial page structure loads after which because the user interacts using the page, the secondary sections then load.

jQuery UI enables you to get this done by permitting you to definitely connect ajax calls to dynamically load tabs when clicked on, accordion sections when broadened, or dialogs when asked for. I have used mtss is a lot during my current projects also it really decreases on how big your initial DOM loaded and, presuming the consumer includes a decent connection, enables you to definitely bring lower additional 'parts' of the page at an inexpensive.

(EDIT: I ought to have noted that just about any JavaScript framework enables for dynamic loading of content, together with simply using JavaScript itself sans framework.)

There's really a design pattern with this within the .Internet world - I forget how it is known as, but essentially index.aspx will be the only page inside your site and also the content changes in line with the user's interactions.

With jQuery and plain HTML I believe exactly the same think exactly the same factor is theoretically possible for the way large your page is (begin to see the other response about how big your page).

Keep maintenance in your mind as you are developing it.

The very best individual who can provide you with an response to this would be the potential customers of the website/application.

It may be helpful to allow them to open several pages in various tabs, for simpler book-marking and navigation. Also by doing my way through one page you lose the browser's most used features: "Back" and "Forward" button.

Usually an amount make you fit everything in in one page is you wish to have just one URL for everything, for either technical or business reasons.

If you possess the time, I would recommend creating a quick prototype and let some possible customers test drive it.