I have been playing around with Django and also the Django ORM in your own home, and I have reached say, Personally i think it is among the best available when it comes to simplicity of use.

However, I'm wondering whether it was possible to make use of it in "reverse".

Essentially what I must do is generate Django models from a current database schema (from the project that does not use django and it is pretty old).

Is possible?

Update: the database under consideration is Oracle

Yes, have a look in the insepectdb command:


Introspects the database tables within the database pointed-to through the DATABASE_Title setting and results a Django model module (a models.py file) to standard output.

Make use of this for those who have a legacy database that you want to use Django. The script will inspect the database and make up a model for every table there.

As you may expect, the produced models may have a characteristic for each area within the table. Observe that inspectdb includes a couple of special cases in the area-title output: