This is actually the very first time I have to deploy a credit card applicatoin on the VPS host somewhere around the world.
You will find lots of companies offering VPS services linode,slicehost...

VPN looks in my experience such as the most configurable/secure method of implementing my application (as I am not really a large Company using its own servers/upload bandwidth)

My real question is: Are we able to trust VPS website hosts?

For those who have a credit card applicatoinOrData source that can provide you with an income of let us say $100k/year. Can you deploy it on a 3rd party host service understanding that your code (designed in java within this situation) or DB might be maybe utilized by someone?

Where are you currently implementing your programs?

What steps are we able to adopt to avoid 'bad admins' to steal our work?

There is no distinction between VPS website hosts and regular website hosts, with the exception that the hardware having a VPS clients are virtual.

Normal hosting plans or devoted hardware rental still puts your hardware subject to your host, who generally includes a way to get root use of your machine for support issues, as well as simple physical access because it's their company hardware.

A dishonest company has a variety of methods for getting at the data if they would like to, VPS or otherwise. It comes down lower as to whether you trust the organization itself, not which kind of hosting they provide. If you're really worried about this, then you will need to host your hardware yourself. Some companies offer this like a service... you essentially bring your hardware for them, and lock up within their facility making use of your own key.