I'm focusing on a website that I actually want to have the ability to make use of a naked domain, e.g. example.com. Ideally, world wide web.example.com should redirect to example.com, but that's not strictly necessary.

Basically understand this web site publish properly, the key reason why one can't make use of a naked domain happens because then all subdomains won't work, that is normally unacceptable.

For the time being, I'm okay with just the naked domain working, same with this possible? Would setting the CNAME record for example.com towards the URL supplied by Google work? Can there be every other way whatsoever to make use of naked domain names?

While you observe, you cannot possess a CNAME record on a single title as other records. Even when you do not need every other records (subdomains, MX records, etc), there's some records that has to be incorporated on the domain, for example SOA and NS records, which preclude adding a CNAME to some naked domain. The only method around this is to influence the right TLD (eg, .com) for everyone in the CNAME for the domain directly rather than serving redirects for your own nameservers - and that is not really a service the TLD registries offer.

The main reason you have to make use of a CNAME to suggest your domain for your Application Engine application happens because the only real alternative - A records - allow it to be impossible for Google to load-balance traffic in order to move the application between datacenters.


As stated a person always has to redirect to world wide web. one super good way to redirect your naked domain to world wide web. is http://world wide web.wwwizer.com/