First of all, many areas of the solr wiki is not so helpful for an individual who just learned how you can index and check fields. It appears it's written for experts! It uses terms that's In accordance with solr, therefore it is tough to comprehend it without reading through it several occasions over.

NOTE: I've got a classifieds website where the newest advertisements always turns up first, so sorting isn't relevant for me personally, aside from sorting on cost and date not one other options are for sale to the customers, as well as the number of results per page.

I understand a requestHandler is a method to "perform some stuff towards the query" right? But exactly how to understand which handler to make use of is difficult for me personally. And just how to configure one also. All I understand may be the handler is specified by the query-string like "qt=my_handler".

Also, exactly the same questions affect responseWriters, which to make use of? How you can configure?

What else must i learn about these handlers?

How is a great and efficient way for their services?

I truly should write something up about getting solr implemented right into a PHP website once i learned each one of these things.

Thanks for your help!