I wish to count only the null values inside a specific column and all sorts of the null values in another specific column, however want my lead to have these two results proven in a single table.

Here's what i've to date:

Select Count(*) as 'Column1Count', Count(*) as 'Column2Count'
   from table1
       Where column1 is null
     and column2 is null


This will work :

    (select count(*) from table1 where column1 is null) as 'Column1Count',
    (select count(*) from table1 where column2 is null) as 'Column2Count';

You could utilize a situation for your:

select  sum(case when Column1 is null then 1 end) as Col1Count
,       sum(case when Column2 is null then 1 end) as Col2Count
from    table1