Ok, that one is really a non-technical question. I'm creating a company directory and Let me classify entries by location. Rather than giving customers a choice to go in the place, I will give them a listing of locations which consume a Country/Condition/City format. I attempted GeoWorldMap by GeoBytes. It looked promising at first and that i felt that's precisely what would complete the job until I recognized it provided a listing close to 275 nations despite the fact that the amount of nations which are recognized is between 192 to 195. So I don't know concerning the extra 80 nations. After I recognized this problem, I visited the website to complete some reckon and discovered their list is up-to-date regularly. Which means this brings an issue in my opinion. Can you really locate an accurate database that lists all possible locations? Exactly what do most designers here use for something similar to this?

Excellent question. I believe Yahoo!'s GeoPlanet can be quite helpful with this: they offer quite a thorough listing of places and also the hierarchical associations together, and you will either download their email list of names or use their API.

Other gazetteers (this is the term-of-art you are searching for) include GeoNames, that also has downloadable data totally free. (I am sure StackOverflow or perhaps a Search could enable you to get more options across the same lines.)

Also, if you are planning to produce a UI to allow customers choose out of your listing of places, I love to suggest the Freebase Suggest wordpress plugin, a jQuery wordpress plugin which will pressure customers to choose from the certain category (inside your situation, nations, say) and supply a pleasant UI for selecting from what Freebase's semantic database views correct. It even provides some wiki-like context to assist with disambiguation.