At this time there are 2 diferent accounts, with both domain names getting each their very own hosting account,
for similar website (let us say and kingdom)!
I have merged both websites into one (presently located as .../site/language ),
which makes it multilanguage! The script only need a prefix on root,
for example like world wide or world wide

This works not surprisingly, if perhaps a website can be used, but I must use two diferent domain names ( / kingdom).

So, I wish to catch the present request URL, to be aware what language to show. What's important is the fact that, the request web addresses keep persistent.

For instance, kingdom/language_british kingdom/language_british/somepage.php kingdom/language_british/somedirectory/someotherpage.php


This two domain names are actuall located in same hosting account, let us stated


Any sugestions or good practices ?

Basically got your question , It is a feature in Web Hosting's solution that is known as Addon Domain names and rely on webhost that the number of Addon Domain they allow you to to place into one account !