I've got a host to 'JustHost' and that i had an issue with a PHP-Class. They've suspended my account using the following reason: Just Host offer limitless hosting space and limitless bandwidth, but according to our terms we'll suspend any web site which surpasses our 10% CPU/MEM/MySQL policy.

Well, I designed a custom class to obtain the CPU-Usage


$LoadAvg = substr(file_get_contents('/proc/loadavg'), , 4)

echo $LoadAvg > 10 ? "Server busy, repeat the process later." : "$LoadAvg % CPU USAGE"


My real question is: The category can have the entire CPU Using the entire server or only my cPanel ?

Thanks greatly!

It will highlight the cpu using all sites located on that one server of their own.

Load earnings don't associate to CPU utilization. What's measures is the amount of processes in contention for CPU time.

On the shared server, its challenging an exact measurement of CPU utilization.