I'm attempting to give a cronjob within the kloxo based interface,

And so i navigate into cron scheduled tasks -> add standard -> Choose x minutes, choose 'all' in most other fields (hour, day, week, month, ..), adding the road within the last area: /home/piscolab/public_html/keepyourlinks.com/includes/boot.php

However the file isn't performed,

what shall we be held missing?

  1. discover the problem: look into the cron log. if you do not know where your cron log will look into the syslog. should you cant find anything there get rid of the cron proccess and begin a replacement using the -L /yourlogpath/ parameter specified. wait until the task should really run and appearance the log after.

  2. fix your condition or return here to obtain help

  3. when i help you dont specify what program should run the *.php file. change that to whatever program you need to run the php file.

  4. if you are using linux and also the gui/webgui sux, fall to spend. cron tasks are defined within /etc/spool/crond/crontab/root (or something like that much like that, cant recall the exact path at this time, but using TABSTOP is going to do the task for you personally). the crontab syntax is visible here and here. Cron newbies go here as well.