I've remove my database with:


in android example and today I wish to create database of same title or other title with adding more column or table should it possible and just how and you'll be able to add another table in database without improving database version how? And just how to create limit to quantity of rows in database?

Regarding your last area of the question, this isn't as easy as you would like it to be. You need to programmatically limit the quantity of rows. Like something using the following pseudocode

if number_of_rows in <table> > limit
    do not insert
    remove oldest row and insert new
    insert row

Why can you ever wish to limit the quantity of rows inside a table?


You are able to in reality remove your database programmatically. Make use of a mention of context to get rid of it with deleteDatabase

I haven't attempted it myself. But you could attempt adding your Alter table / create table professional claims in onUpgrade and keep the brand new and old versions as same. Hope it really works.