I've produced a database model in Visio Professional (2003). I understand the Enterprise version is able to produce a DB in Sql Server in line with the data in Visio. I don't have the choice to set up Enterprise. Apart from studying the entire factor one table and relationship at any given time and creating the entire database on your own, manually, can anybody recommend any tool/utility/way of transforming the visio database model right into a Sql Script you can use to produce a new DB in Sql Server?

I haven't carried this out, but here it is going.

  1. Convert Visio file to Visio XML format.
  2. Use Dia for Windows and Dia VDX plug-in to transform Visio XML into Dia.
  3. Use tedia2sql to create SQL.

If you're able to in some way have the type library in the enterprise version you should use VBA to leave the definitions. Secondhand enterprise architect versions of VS2002 and VS2003 can be purchased off ebay for any couple of $ 100.