Is it feasible (in Vb.Internet 2005), without by hand parsing the dataset table qualities, to produce the table and combine it with the database?

We now have old versions in our program on some machines, which clearly has our old database, and that we are searching for a method to identify if there's military services weapons table after which create the table in line with the current status on the table within the dataset. I was re-scripting the table each time we launched a brand new version (if new posts were added) but we wish to avoid this task if at all possible.

Check this out MSDN Forum Publish: Developing a new Table in SQL Server from ADO.internet DataTable.

Here the poster appears to become attempting to perform the same factor while you, and offers code that creates a Create Table statement while using schema found in a DataTable.

Presuming this works because it should, you can then take that code, and submit it towards the database through SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() to be able to make your table.

Nice find. That's really pretty much like things i have previously written. I had been a couple ofOrthird of how through writing exactly the same factor before I made the decision to request if other people understood of an easy method. Mixing the SMO using what I've already written appears like an easy method to visit, however.