I've a credit card applicatoin that must query two different DB2 databases for that identical data. Can there be in whatever way to produce a view that can take my query, executes it against both databases, combines the outcomes, and send it well to my application?

Yes, kind of. We needed to make a move similar a couple of in the past because our clients split their data across two DB2 instances but nonetheless wanted single queries that will reach both of them (the confirming tool i was using could only connect with one instance).

From memory, it's dependent on:

  • activating federation support (needed for example-to-instance communication).
  • developing a wrapper with create wrapper so one DB2 instance understands how to connect with another.
  • signing up another server with create server.
  • using create user mapping to setup mapping of qualifications between your two instances.
  • creating an alias from our instance for that remote table with create nickname.

After that, you'd just make your view as something similar to:

select * from localtable union all select * from nickname;

and you ought to have rows from both tables.