I had been volunteered to create a application which will have a mp3 file, upload it towards the server produce a document that references the file and completes a template and uploads the document for that web admin to approve it.

I'm a fairly competent c# developer but I have not even touched web design stuff. I have no idea where to start

They're running Joomla 1.5 with DocMan 1.4. I've no php programming experience however i did java and c# then when I poked round the API documentation a lot of it appears familiar.

Any reason for the best direction for books or online guides could be really appreciated.

Does Joomla come with an API or web service you are able to indicate together with your application? Maybe you should use the Webclient insInternet and publish the file and pertinent information as much as the Joomla server.


I discovered this XML-RPC lib insInternet. For those who have seen this yet, here is a link for Joomla's Metaweblog API.