I'm focusing on an ASP.Internet application that's company specific for the reason that when customers login, they login utilizing their username, password and company id. I'm trying to get the best method to allow each company to personalize certain labels inside the software. For example, there's a area that people globally call "Unique Identifier". On the per company basis, they might want to relabel the area to become "Worker Badge Number", "HR Id Code" or whatever every they need. I had been searching at possibly stretching the ResourceProvider to presenting a DB rather than the RESX files, however, it appears such as the ResourceProvider is heavily according to culture/languages changes instead of personalization.

Has anybody developed similar functionality within an application? Have you extend the ResourceProvider or go the completely custom route?

I've been trying to find possible solutions all week and am approaching dry. My fall back would be to just create something completely custom, however i be worried about losing from the building efficiency from the ResourceProvider.

Any suggestions could be greatly appreciated!

This sounds a lot more like a personalization / personalization problem than the usual localisation problem. I wouldn't make use of the ResourceProvider with this.