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Phonegap(HTML5) Android app - Global high score system?

I will produce a new game for Android and wondered the way i can globally store everyones scores.

I've presently implemented SQLite, however this only stores in your area (on the telephone), this is fantastic for my high score section.

However, for that "Hall of Fame", I want it for everybody that has performed on the overall game.

Getting done plenty of research online I am unable to appear to find away out to consider data from the application for an exterior database (found plenty of methods to import it in).

I'm using Phonegap and for that reason might have thought jQuery/AJAX is my best shout. Can someone please provide me with a few working code or point me within the right direction?

No requirement for jQuery/ajax. An easy web service that delivers their email list of high scores may be used to update the phone's db. The polling can be achieved the moment the applying is start, or each time the consumer opens our prime Scores page.

In my opinion you are able to take a look in the following site https://www.scoreoid.com/

As cited from their site :

Scoreoid, produced by game designers for game designers, is really a non-limited, reliable and simple to use gaming platform made to handle although not restricted to scoring, leaderboards and game management, including advanced functions for example platform content awareness, for multi-platform games.

They've APIs which enables you to manage all options that come with a worldwide scoreboard. These APIs can be found in a number of programming languages including AJAX/JQUERY. All you should do is send an Publish request for their server and you'll get the needed data in the server either in JSON or XML format.