Since week I personally use ToirtoiseSVN and AnkhSVN and GoogleCode and sourceforge.internet as my project hosting. For me personally it's frustrating to fill all of this forms before create next project. And So I start considering mu own repository hosting...

Can One use simple file hosting etc. and install there software like use Google or SourceForge to possess my very own SVN Server ? My point would be to have independent repository in internet without all of this uselessly UI interface which produce Google and SF to administrate my version control. I'd rather not make the most of already exist hosting like GoogleCode etc - I wish to be independent from their store! )

Or possibly it's other method of doing my very own repository hosting and FREE ) Do not let me know that I am at whim of business hosting... :/

p.s. Basically authored a problem, sorry )

VisualSVN server may be the simplest to obtain ready to go

You cannot install subversion on the standard shared website hosting package. You'll need either specialized hosting that clearly provides subversion, or rent a little (possibly virtual) server and install all of the software you'll need on that (probably the most flexible solution, but additionally requires a great deal of understanding to setup safely).

Also, take a look at my recent question on serverfault: Affordable combined Ruby/Rails/Redmine + Subversion hosting?

For those who have your personal server, you'll be able to simply consume a tutorial for whatever os.

I've ubuntu server and adopted this tutorial

You could utilize a distributed version control system like Mercurial or Git. With one of these systems you just produce a local repository to operate against.

For backup/remote access you just upload the folder to some web storage.

It's very easy to setup an easy subversion repository, particularly if it simply for you personally. Really, if it's only for you, you might setup a svn repository on local disk and you don't have to create any server. I actually do that sometimes for my very own little projects, just to achieve the good reputation for my work.

Presuming you are well on Unix, you produce a repository with:

svnadmin create /path/to/repo

and checkout with:

svn checkout file:///path/to/repo

Plus somewhat configuration:-). Tell me if you want more particulars about this type of setup.

Establishing VisualSVN, like @dr recommended, would require your personal home windows server to set up it on (ie an inexpensive VPS). You will get svn running on linux and linux vps are event less than home windows so should not be an excessive amount of an economic burden if you wish to follow this path.

If you would like pure free, i quickly feel unfortunatly you'll have to stay with completing forms :-)