I am developing an administration panel (in php), for any website (inside a shared host), to allow the administrator to handle the private infos from the employees! With this particular panel ought to be easy to create or remove an e-mail take into account an worker and when the worker logs within the admin panel, he/she should have the ability to use of his/her e-mail account!

I'd considered to install Horde WebMail online to allow the workers use their e-mail accounts ... but how do i pass the login qualifications to Horde?

And that which you suggest to produce and remove the e-mails account that may be read by Horde? Every other suggestion is greatly appreciated!

Thanks ahead of time!!!

EDIT: Or exist better options to Horde to complete, a minimum of, the e-mail account access from inside the site?

First, Horde appears to become a client. See feature page online:

IMAP and POP3 webmail client

Which means that it isn't enough to pass through within the logins of the customers to Horde. My prediction is you also need to produce a new account directly at the mail server. Some mail servers can store login information in databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL. If this sounds like suitable for your mail server you just need to give a new user within the correct table. This really is known as virtual customers.

And as if you did together with your mail server you simply give a new record within the database of Horde using the correct information.

This will just take to SQL claims. And when you need to add some security you wrap these both claims inside a transaction.

Which means you would make a move such as this:

  1. Begin transaction
  2. Give a new record to Hordes database using the customers login title and password for that mail server
  3. Give a new record for your mail servers database (login title, password etc.)
  4. Commit your computer data (finish transaction)

Hope this can help a little!

While this can be much more of a lazy man's solution - as well as from the whole perception of this site - but perhaps you have given any considered to simply using Google Applications (free version):

http://world wide web.google.com/applications/intl/en/group/index.html

E-Mail accounts are produced around the mail-server level. Horde can't do this part (It is a client only). You will have to access the mail server's configurations directly. For any default Linux server setup (sendmail), I believe this really is pretty standardized. You might have the ability to gain insight regarding how to do that by considering Webmin which could do that on *nix systems. However it's mainly in Perl I believe.

Then there's other user interface software like Confixx and Plesk however i think they don't are available in a wide open Source flavour. I don't are conscious of a PHP based Free hosting user interface, maybe someone else does.

You'll need thorough permissions, and most likely the privileges to configure the Webserver, to complete this stuff from PHP. This really is nothing you'll have the ability to operate on a hosting that is shared platform.

SquirrelMail has some plug ins that integrate together with your mail server where you can create, maintain, and remove your email customers. It may handle exactly what you would like, including permitting the business to handle only their employees, when you can assign yourself being an administrator of the greater level that may manage ALL customers, etc.

You might try free AfterLogic Webmail Lite which enables to login into email account passing the login screen. The data about integrating into another web application is here.