After I visit the 'Add New Item' window in Visual Studio 2005 and then try to give a SQL Database it dangles for a little after which provide the following error:

A network-related or instance-specific error happened while creating an association to SQL Server. The server wasn't found or wasn't accessible. Verify the instance title is correct which SQL Server is set up to permit remote connections. (provider: TCP Provider, error: - No connection might be made since the target machine positively declined it.)

I'm able to use SQL Server Management Studio to link with localhost (default instance) all right, but Visual Studio should be attempting to connect with another instance (that is not running any longer). How do you change what instance it attempts to connect with to be able to add and employ the database?

It may sound as if you might be attempting to add a clear case of an SQL Server Express database but you might not obtain that service installed or switched on.

Had you been in a position to resolve this? I simply spent 3 hrs on the identical problem and should not say without a doubt exactly what the solution was, however it works. My mistake could be that the local SQL Server instance wasn't running after i 'upgraded' Visual Studio towards the database edition. SQLExpress isn't installed.

After beginning the database, I initially got exactly the same error while you after i attempted to spread out existing database projects or produce a new database project in Visual Studio. I researched it for any very long time, attempted all mixtures of server, instance, host, alias, along with other names for that design time validation database setting, routinely without success. It wouldn't connect. I even reinstalled Visual Studio, which didn't help, either.

I believe what may have done the secret would be a note in this msdn article - unload the project after altering this setting. I wound up clearing the area (for that default instance), unloaded the project, reloaded it, and violá, I'm running a business. Time for you to retire for the night now.

Expand the Servers node and take away that old server.

Would you obtain the warning dialog pointing at ... ? My VS2005 dev machine has SQL Server Developer edition, but no SQL Express and that i have that error after i try to add new SQL database