So I have to copy a website from the webserver and run it from the localhost. The website is produced with CakePHP (it states in VERSION.txt).

I'm a new comer to CakePHP, and so i began using the 2. tutorial and that i also have a brand new install of just one.2.11 and both work perfectly. (I simply needed to fix the mod_rewrite issues by enabling AllowOverride All).

However, if i attempted to operate my downloaded site i simply got "page not found" error. After some searching, the answer ended up being to take away the first "/" in "RewriteRule ^$ /application/webroot/ [L]" along with other places within the .htaccess files.

Now my page looks wired, such as this:

Clearly the page does't load correctly and i'm not sure what's wrong. Now i'm stuck, anybody know of similar problem?

I run: Home windows 7 Professional 64bit, PHP 5.3.6, Apache 2.2.19

Any help appreciated.

In line with the second code sample you've provided and exactly how the made submissions are garbled I'd state that shorthand tags aren't enabled inside your version of PHP.

This shorthand notation may be the cause of your condition:

<?= //Some PHP script ?>

You will find two solutions, either change all of the shorthand tags fully declaration:

<?php //Some PHP script ?>

Which can be quite an undertaking as you are dealing with a current project. Everything is dependent on how big it and when this shorthand notation exists in most from the files (the wedding cake core uses the entire declaration). Or you might enable shorthand inside your php.ini and restart the Apache server.

A lot of shorthand tags are available in the PHP manual.